21 things I hope to teach my daughter about LIFE, LOVE + FORGIVENESS


21 things I hope to teach my daughter about life, love & forgiveness

  1. Color outside of the lines- don’t live by the rules - all the time.

  2. You will love. And you may have some loves or one love. It is inevitable. And your heart will be hurt, because the person you love is human, and we are far from perfect, but we weren’t made to be perfect. Hearts are mendable. I’ve taught you all about grace, so give them grace, as Jesus did you.

  3. Rock out and listen to a little old school ACDC, retro 80’s music, Fleetwood Mac or Indie music. It’ll do your soul some good.       

  4. Forgive and move on. The person will either admit his wrongdoing, or he won’t. Whether or not the person admits to doing you wrong or not, you have to forgive for your own sake, for your own freedom. Believe me in this girl. Whether they admit their fault or not.  your spirit will be set free.

  5. See your world in color. Don’t just choose to see our world in black and white. Open your eyes and really look around you. When you open your eyes and see in color, a whole new world is opened up to you. Love those who are different than you.  

  6. Be slow to anger. Don’t go down on that pillow angry. Well, I’m sure it’ll happen, but try to resolve your issues because all that vent up anger ain't going to serve you well. Or them well. Confrontation sucks, (I’m a queen bee at hating it) but we can’t navigate through life without having to do it.    

  7. Go on more adventures. Open your mind to all the possibilities the world can offer.

  8. Don’t judge. Love your brother as your own. Alien, asian, black or German or White, liberal, republican, lesbian, bysexual, straight. Love them. See your world in color. Not black and white. I didn’t raise you to be closed minded. Tattoo’s are ok. Nose piercings are ok. Throwing the F-bomb will happen. Your mama has a piercing, soon to be tattoo, and throwing around cuss words happens all kinds up in our house. But we still love Jesus, truly, madly, deeply.

  9. Slow down. Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Take it by stride—take each moment as it comes. And enjoy it. Take time to do the things you love. Enjoy your people, your family. Because when all is said and done, that is all you will have in the end.

  10. Spend time with those you love every chance you get. There will come a time in your life when it’s all about your friends, all about the love of your life. But, when it all comes down to it, your family, your tribe, us—we are all you have. Try to make pockets of time available for the ones that truly matter in your life.

  11. Don’t be naive. Not everything everyone says is for real. People will take advantage of you.  

  12. Wise up little one. You don’t know everything. And you will think you do until you are like 25. But you don’t. And mama will lose her cool like 5 million times on you until you get to a point in your life where you truly get it. You can come to me when that time is and tell me you told me so. I will love you for it.  

  13. Always shop on the outsides of the grocery store before you shop in the middle aisles. All the healthy stuff is there. Unless you want junk. Junk will be in the middle aisles. If you’re a salad girl, or health nut, stick to the outside aisles.  

  14. Trust your gut. That’s always been sound advice for Jesus telling me. STOP.. something is wrong here. Listen to it. Because ten times outta ten, your gut is right.

  15. Get a mentor. I love you dearly daughter. But, there will be things that you won’t come to me for. I’ve had great mentors all through my life who have guided and loved me through thick and thin. And it’s the one thing I wish I had when I was younger.  

  16. You don’t need like 20 million friends. 1-3 good truly good friends is all you need. Quality over quantity. And hey, if you do have 20 million friends who are amazing, then you won the jackpot. When you do find them, love them hard because true friends are hard to find.

  17. You do you. Embrace who you are. For a long time I hid who I truly was out of the fear of what people would think of me. Your mama is just a corky nerdy girl. But those who truly love you will get you, and are those that don’t, well, they can just go to hell in a hand box.

  18. Don’t wash your whites with dark clothes. That’s just a rule.

  19. Don’t gossip. It’ll spread like wildfire and it’ll always always come back to you. Walk away from those circles.

  20. Love your body. Curves and all. Thin, thigh gap and all. Curly hair, straight hair and gap between the teeth? Freckle red haired babe? You are gorgeous babe, just the way you are. You see, mamas I was made fun of about my nose all growing up, it turned out, they called me “ski slope” - now I rock my nose. And my bod, love, well, I used to have an athletic build. Before I had you lovely babe. But now I’m rocking every part of my mom bod. And loving it.

  21. Don’t be afraid of what others think. Dance party in the middle of Olive Garden? JUST DO IT!

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