21 things I hope to teach my daughter about LIFE, LOVE + FORGIVENESS

Color outside of the lines- don’t live by the rules - all the time.

You will love. And you may have some loves or one love. It is inevitable. And your heart will be hurt, because the person you love is human, and we are far from perfect, but we weren’t made to be perfect. Hearts are mendable. I’ve taught you all about grace, so give them grace, as Jesus did you.


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Living with addiction.

Hi, my name’s Charity and I’m a shopping addict. I’ve been a shopping addict for going on ---years now (I lost count). And it spiraled out of control this past year. I’m living with the true sense of an addiction. Like the Confessions of a Shopaholic Kind. And while you’re over there working on doing your spring cleaning I’m over here not only working on purging my closet this spring, but I’m working on purging some major addictive behaviors.

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Charty Burnett